Rules of conduct

Important rules with our escort agency. All clients who make use of our service(s) need to respect these at all time. For info please contact us now.

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Amsterdam Escort has established some rules of conduct for our customers who use our services. At all times please respect these rules. Our escort girls only visit you in a house or hotel. They work on a freelance basis and always have the right to refuse you as a customer or to refuse certain services in case of unhygienic or unsafe circumstances.

Our escort girls provide only safe sex services. You should never force our girls to unsafe sex. Also consuming drugs, alcohol or other stimulants against the will of our ladies is strictly prohibited.

Imposing or forcing in anyway may cause our escort girls to cancel the visit. In case of emergency we will alarm the police. You may reach us by phone on +31(0)6-8339-3369 or by email: Contact page. If you have questions regarding rules of conduct, feel free to contact us.